EKMO Development ApS has many years experience with production conditions in other countries than Denmark, and offers hereby our assistance to:


The production department is focused on customer needs and according to these it can easily be adjusted.

With our present machinery we can offer services conducted by high-qualified workers like:

Our present experience includes production of metal constructions not limited to special branches.


Technical data TruPunch 5000-1600:

Additionally tool punching machine for sheet metal have new option of technical lubrication, which improves quality of goods, eliminates lubrications of sheet metal before machining, and has very good effect on environment by reducing the amount of grease because of using local lubrication.

By technologies applied in those machines company can offer services in cutting, punching, forming, tapping, marking and bending.

Thickness of punched materials:


Laser cutting

Laser gives possibility of most versatile, precise and effective cutting of different kinds of parts with any shape. We have new laser cutting machine TruLaser 5030 classic 5000 W. With the TRUMPF laser TruFlow 5000 - naturally with RF excitation - a new laser beam source is available for faster and more process-reliable processing of thick plates. Thin sheets are cut by means of plasma assisted high speed cutting.
New developments in the area of process monitoring and control, e.g. through the application of field bus technology or laser power control help to further boost process reliability.

Below please find basic information about its parameters:


Forming by Press Brake AMADA HFP-220.3/7/ - 220 tons.
Maximum width of bended detail 3 meters, Movement range 350 mm.
This press gives us possibility of bending sophisticated parts.
Regulation within 7 axis.